The Future of Healthcare is in the Home

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Your Homecare Operations, Simplified

We simplified your Homecare Healthcare operations so that your Clients get the care they expect, when they expect it. Healthcare Providers get the information they need when they need it in one secure location. And you get unmatched visibility and control over the entire process.

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Simplified Scheduling

The heart and soul of Home Healthcare operation success

Better Provider/Client Relationship

Isehati scheduling aligns the Provider’s skills, specialty, location, and preferences with a Client’s specific needs, preferences, location, and home environment. Communicate changes to appointments with alert messages, SMS, in-App messages, and email.

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Easy Calendar View

Color coded calendar to give you a fast update on status. From the Calendar, you can view the schedule of specific clients and providers by Day, Week, Month. The calendar is color coded to easily indicate the progress of visits and provider utilization.

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Flexible Calendar set up

Manage your providers availability with flexible calendar creation options to cover shifts, availability by days of the week, hours of the day, services delivered by the provider. A non-availability planning is also there to use for various regular or exceptional reasons.

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A Higher Level of Engagement

Isehati Pro mobile app enable Providers to have at their fingertips access to all the details to perform their care, be better engaged and more satisfied with their jobs.

Isehati Pro provides Real-time access to schedules, care plans, route details, time tracking, documentation and more.

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Patient Management

Record and find details and information about your client demography, packages, billing, appointments, medical records and history while communicate and share appointments activities, medical records and billing with Client through a client App.

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Easy Documentation

We make it easy to record, track and share client progress notes and medical records, keeping everyone concerned in the know with higher standards of care & privacy.

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Isehati Billing Save time, money and headaches by integrating scheduling, billing, and payment process to bring payment faster and improve accuracy of financials. isehati Billing offer options for Client payment including online payment with configurable rules to ensure better customer experience and improve compliance. Options of Client discounts and loyalty program integrated into isehati Billing to support Client acquisition growth and retention.

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Getting Started with iSEHATI Homecare is Easy


Let an iSEHATI expert show you more details on our key features and ease of use


After sign up, just share with us a pre-defined set of questions and details about your practice. We'll create an account built for your unique needs


An Online Kick-off session will be scheduled to welcome you onboard and show you how to get the most out of iSEHATI Clinics Practice Platform!